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Bitforex Trade Mining 

Since August 1, BitForex exchange will release and distribute 44% of the total BF supply, which is equivalent to 4 billion BF, in trade mining mode.
Bitforex Trade Mining
Bitforex bf Trade Mining
Bitforex bf Trade Mining 4b


Professional Cryptocurrency Exchange, licensed in EU, providing a variety of crypto-currency trading pairs against USDT/ETH .
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BF token's total supply is 10 billion. - BF(Bitforex)
What is Trade Mining?
Trade Mining Rules

BF Mining Proportion: 120% of trading fees will be distributed in form of BF Token; among 120%, 80% are circulating BF, 40% are holding BF.

BF Return Period: In days, 120% of trade fees of each day (from 0 am to 12 pm HKT, UTC + 8) are converted into BF; at 11 am of next day, circulating and holding BF will be distributed.

Trade-mined BF is distributed to trader in 120% of his/her trading fees;

Trade Mining Token Pairs involved in BF trading: currently, BitForex provides three trading pairs for mining, including BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, and BCH/USDT. The pairs will be adjusted according to mining progress.

BF Conversion Price: BF token amount distributed hourly, according to the average price of the the previous hour.
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Maker fee rate: 0 %
Taker fee rate: 0.05%

About Bitforex

As a leading platform for trading Crypto assets, BitForex ( offers users secure, professional and convenient services in the field of digital currency trading. With the interests of its users in mind, BitForex works very effectively and uses its deep knowledge of the blockchain to choose high-quality currencies for its users worldwide, following the trend in blockchain technology. It has headquarters in Singapore, is registered in the Republic of Seychelles and has independent operational teams in Germany, Estonia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, other countries and regions. There are currently users in at least 86 countries.
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