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NOVA Competition, win iPhone XS MAX.
Nova is a consensus-oriented content ecology based on blockchain.

Nova has established an effective value consensus mechanism and a method for implementing content. In the Nova ecosystem, both the content creator, the classifier, the investor and the organic farmer can receive the appropriate token incentives. To improve the efficiency of the whole chain of the content industry and to build a new ecology of the content industry with high efficiency, fairness and transparency.

Webcoin Trader Competition: Webcoin links the worlds of digital marketing, blockchain technology and crypto currency. The Webcoin team’s goal is to integrate all viral social media networks into the world’s largest interest-based peer-to-peer social media and web exchange platform. The platform will enable companies from around the world to now effectively advertise in the Indian and Asia Pacific markets.
Webcoin has the tremendous potential to forever be a pioneer for digital advertising and blockchain.

daily Savedroid trading contest: the award-winning German FinTech artificial intelligence (“AI”) saving technology, specializes in the democratization of crypto currencies: saverroid will create a unique AI-fuelled ecosystem from crypto savings and investments for the masses.

Ontology Trader Contest with prize pool totalling 8400 ONT + 16700 BIX. Ontology is a new, powerful public blockchain project and a platform for distributed trusted collaboration. The Ontology solution offers new high-performance public block chains including a range of full distributed ledgers and intelligent contract systems.

A NULS Trading Contest starts on 31.08, which is equipped with a total price of 50,000 NULS. This competition is open to all users who own NULS and thus actively trade.

Nuls is offering a customizable, universal public blockchain infrastructure that offers a multi-channel mechanism, smart contracts and cross-chain consensus. Development should be easier so that users can develop modes for the needs of your business through an open source, pluggable and removable modules.

Wowoonet Trading Competition Top Traders share 80,000 WWB: The goal of Wowoo is to be at the leading position in the block chain of service content token platforms. Wowoo offers different easy-to-use services on the Wowoo platform and creates the Wowoo virtual community and a sustain ecosystem. The lubricant medium is the Wowoo token itself, and that is Wowbit (WWB), which this time will be the first Wowoo token.
WWB is to be output on the NEO block chain.

DCC Trading Competition Top 500 accounts share 7 BTC as rewards: Distributed Credit Chain uses an public blockchain infrastructure to interact with banking service providers and create a decentralized ecosystem for the larger financial services industry. Through its block chain technology, DCC aims to transform financial transactions between lenders and borrowers, companies and individuals across regions and industries.

TTC Protocol Trading Competition: The TTC token (TTC) is a universal token based on a block chain that is issued as an operating medium for Smart Contracts. In comparison to conventional mining mechanisms, it is issued to users based on their contribution to the platform. The users are motivated to actively contribute and to maintain a good and consistent personal image on the network.

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