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Take part in the BTC prize guessing competition to have a chance to win your share of 19 BTC!

daily Savedroid trading contest: the award-winning German FinTech artificial intelligence (“AI”) saving technology, specializes in the democratization of crypto currencies: saverroid will create a unique AI-fuelled ecosystem from crypto savings and investments for the masses.

The AI CRYPTO is a platform that creates an artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem based on block chains and thus contributes to the development of AI industries around the world. It will allow users to explore the use of AI technology in their daily endeavours, and the application can be experienced in different models.

The project is community-based and aims to address the inherent problems of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. BWS understands the importance of anonymity and usability and offers a block size of 8 MB, which leads to almost immediate transaction times.

The new CryptoCurrency Shard is designed to provide easy access to participating in the crypto currency area with minimal knowledge and time. In addition to being a fast, low-cost crypto currency, Shard also benefits from its many projects.

Blocknode Giveaway 100000 BND: Would you like to introduce a reward system in your company? Instead of putting money aside in a low-interest account for employee bonuses or loyalty bonuses: Set up a block node master node to generate BND tokens. These tokens can be exchanged for Bitcoin on a stock exchange or can be taken back by the partner company as a discount.

YOYOW Trading Competition: YOYOW, named after “You Own Your Own Words”, is a block-chain-based network with the goal of quantifying the contribution of participants and giving participants in the content producing sector mutual value through decentralized consensus methods so that content producers, content supporters, curators and consumers of the content ecosystem can be provided with incentives and mutual returns as needed.

MMOCoin coin has built up an own Blockchain & Wallet for fast and secure transactions.
it is used on the first massively multiplayer online games (MMO/G/RPG) marketplace for fast and secure transactions. Using a crypto currency as the primary payment form, MMOCoin’s transactions are recorded in the block chain and are 100% verifiable for all disputes between users. In addition, transactions can be completed in seconds instead of waiting long.


Caspian gives away up to 460 CSP tokens to its community members. Caspian is a complete asset management solution covering the trading life cycle. It includes a mature OEMS, PMS and RMS. It provides a single interface to all major crypto exchanges, a complete suite of sophisticated trading algorithms, real-time and historical P&L and exposure tracking, and professional customer service.

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