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What is Deviant?
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POS Coin Deviant!

With more than 90% pure PoS block reward phase, the Deviant Coin is a well decentralized network of master nodes without unnecessary control and brokers/gatekeepers and ensures lightning-fast and secure transactions.

POS Coin Deviant
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Deviant Price & Information

Current DEV price and historical price chart

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Deviant MasterNode/Staking Pool Summary Table

It will take a long time to Staking Deviant coins into your local wallet alone and definitely not reduce your electricity bill.

MasterNode Pools


Staking Pools


Deviant Coin Community Channels

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Where to Buy Deviant

Buy DEV | Sell DEV |Trade DEV
The only way to get Deviant is to purchase it from a third party or exchange. Crypto Exchanges provide highly varying degrees of safety, security, privacy, and control over your funds and information.
buy pos coin at Cryptopia

Deviant: Yes


buy pos coin at crypto bridge

Deviant: Yes


buy pos coin at coinexchange

Deviant: Yes


buy pos coin at StocksExchange

Deviant: Yes

buy pos coin at crex24

Deviant: No


buy pos coin at bittrex

Deviant: No


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Recently, some of our community members asked us to compare some low cap privacy #masternode gems. We picked three coins which we think fits the criteria @ANON_WeAreANON, @DeviantCoin & @DarkPayCoin. Pick your favorite!
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During the next 5 days only, you’ll be able to get a whopping 35% discount off your $ICA ICHIBA Masternode or $ICA staking packages, if you pay using DEV from Deviant coin via coin payments. 

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