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warfield - 5000 Tezos-(XTZ) Giveaway: A simple and secure wallet! supports hundreds of tokens so you can manage all your tokens in one wallet.

The unique Tezos block chain was created from the ground up by the developers. It was not built on another block chain by forking or building an additional layer on an existing project.

MMOCoin coin has built up an own Blockchain & Wallet for fast and secure transactions.
it is used on the first massively multiplayer online games (MMO/G/RPG) marketplace for fast and secure transactions. Using a crypto currency as the primary payment form, MMOCoin's transactions are recorded in the block chain and are 100% verifiable for all disputes between users. In addition, transactions can be completed in seconds instead of waiting long.


Deviant Coin (DEV) is a PoS/MN-based crypto currency with planned decentralized exchange and H/W wallet features that enable a secure authentication mode.

ColossusXT is a data protection oriented, energy efficient, decentralized, open source, peer-to-peer (P2P) Cryptocurrency with instant and anonymous transactions. A two-tier network based on the popular Bitcoin core software uses master nodes and the Proof of Stake 3.0 protocol to secure its network, giving it unsurpassed stability and ease of access.

SoPay Trading Competition 2 million SOP: SoPay is a new blockchain payment platform. SoPay' s simple and easy process is to register a mobile number and a 6-digit transaction password. These are equivalent to the average access information. That's all users need to pay..... The transactions are validated within seconds using blockchain technology, so no time is lost for users.

300,000 MGD giveaway for trading: MassGrid's goal is to create the biggest distributed GPU high-performance cloud computing network in the world. MassGrid aims to transform senseless POW hash computing into general parallel computing, which could be used for practical purposes through the upgraded POW algorithm and the remodeled blockchain network architecture. The MGD is a PoW crypto currency built on the Jump Consistent Hash.

FansTime Deposit Competition: FansTime is a blockchain project of the worldwide fan economy that will connect real-world assets and digital world. FTI is an official encrypted digital currency in the FansTime ecosystem based on the launch of FansTime Chain. The official token for every transaction that takes place in the ecosystem and the backbone of the eco-system. The FansTime community will introduce the community motivation system in the future.

35,000 Bumo(BU) Give Away: BUMO is a new-generation public blockchain for ever-present and trustworthy value transfer that is designed to build a decentralized application ecosystem characterized by comprehensive digital trust, free-flowing value and public-sharing applications.

Gate Slogan Competition 1000 TXZ: For ongoing innovation and to further strengthen interaction with gate users, gate offers the " Slogan Collection" to collect the most creative slogans from clever users!

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