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How to buy Bitcoin?

July 14, 2018

For many people, buying Bitcoin is still a mystery.
Where and how can I become a cryptocurrency? You can find out all about it here. So that the cryptocurrency no longer remains the new terrain for you and so that you can finally participate in the Bitcoin goldrush,  we will show you step by step how to get access to the crypto money.


Where can I buy Bitcoins?

The first point is how to get to Bitcoin at all. To do this, you need a so-called virtual wallet (Exodus Wallet). This is a software that allows you to send  and receive bitcoins.
There are several ways to get bitcoins (at  Bitcoin Faucets  you can get Bitcoins for free).

You have different options, we will consider these points in particular:

  1. How can I buy Bitcoins fast and best immediately?
  2. Is it safe to buy Bitcoins?
  3. Where can I buy Bitcoins anonymously?

The key question is where to buy Bitcoins is a question of trust and convenience.  Many service providers have different conditions to choose from. Not just discounts but also payment conditions are different.

I can recommend  and without hesitation, always works smoothly and quickly.

Registration is made in two simple steps. Both the registration and the verification went very fast and uncomplicated with me. Simply enter your first and last name, your e-mail address and a strong password in the fields.
After successfully registering with and, you must identify yourself by driving license or identity card to verify your account.

Direct trade with private persons

Another possibility is direct trading with private persons – which of course proves to be more difficult without a central platform. The biggest advantage here is probably the additional anonymity, because you can buy Bitcoin with More than 300 ways.
It is very easy to find potential trading partners
via  or


Buy Bitcoin with Paypal

The demand for bitcoin is growing very fast. A lot of people are beginning to deal with the crypto currency. There is often the question whether Bitcoin can also be purchased with Paypal.
Our tip: Buy Bitcoin at  with PayPal

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