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The unique Tezos block chain was created from the ground up by the developers. It was not built on another block chain by forking or building an additional layer on an existing project.


5000 XTZ


August 17, - August 24, 2018

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Cryptocurrency – 5000 Tezos-(XTZ) Giveaway Details

  1. Sign up on Website
  2. Follow on twitter: gate_io and io_wallet
  3. Download
  4. Log in with your account, and get the receiving address of XTZ

How to get XTZ receiving address:
Log in your account >> Add XTZ to your wallet >>
Click the “Receive” button>>Copy the receiving address

  • Fill the form to submit your XTZ receiving address:
  • Rewards: Participants will share 5000 Tezos (XTZ),each getting a random amount.

Note: please download or upgrade the latest version to get access to XTZ wallet. When filling the form, please make sure you give the right information to get airdrop.

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more info about Tezos 

Token Typ: own blockchain

Token Ticker: XTZ

Total Supply: 763.306.930

Price Token/Coin: $1,39

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