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Blocknode Giveaway

Blocknode Giveaway 100000 BND: Would you like to introduce a reward system in your company? Instead of putting money aside in a low-interest account for employee bonuses or loyalty bonuses: Set up a block node master node to generate BND tokens. These tokens can be exchanged for Bitcoin on a stock exchange or can be taken back by the partner company as a discount.


100,000 BND


August 17, - August 31, 2018


Blocknode Giveaway

Cryptocurrency Blocknode Giveaway Details

1. Sign up on Website

12 Ways to Enter

  1. Click For a Daily Bonus (+1 per day)
  2. Follow @blocknodetech on Twitter (+10)
  3. Retweet @blocknodetech on Twitter (+10)
  4. Tweet on Twitter (+5)
  5. Join BND Discord (+10)
  6. Comment on BitCoinTalk Announcement (+5 per day)
  7. Watch This BlockNode Tech Review (+10)
  8. Refer Friends For Extra Entries (2 per IP max) (+5)
  9. Join Telegram Channel (+10)
  10. Join Telegram Chat Group (+10)
  11. Subscribe to reddit (+5)
  12. Visit Website to Enter (+5)


1st Price : 40,000 $BND

2nd Price : 20,000 $BND

3rd – 5th Price : 10,000 $BND

Random Winner : 10,000 $BND

To be eligible for the random Winner Selection, you need to have at least 25 entries.

You can register for the next Blocknode Giveaway right now by clicking on "Sign Up Free"..

more info about Blocknode 

Token Typ: PoS

Token Ticker: BND

Total Supply: 470 717 206 BND +

Price Token/Coin: $0,009

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