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Ethereum Blockchain Games

July 21, 2018

Ethereum Games or Blockchain-Games are games based on the so-called Blockchain technology. After Bitcoin conquering the market all over the world, there is a new crypto currency upcoming, which has an even bigger potential in the digital and virtual world. It is called Ethereum and not providing a new virtual currency (Ether) only, but an all new economy including database and connection between several users.

Will it cost anything to play?

Most of the games require you a little amount to pay in order to start the game.
Ethereum Games or Blockchain-Games are games based on the so-called Blockchain technology.  The gameplay principle is to buy items with Ether (ETH) in order to improve your skills or equipment. DApps (Decentralized Apps), Blockchain Games or Ethereum-Games also offer the opportunity to earn real money by earning Ether due to completing quests given in the appropriate game.

Very essential for these Blockchain Games  or Eth Games is the actual proof of possession of all inherent items by means of Blockchain. The items are proven to be registered on the Blockchain and for transparent and verified contracts (Ethereum Verified Contracts) always verifiable available. These are not manipulable and thus form a factual evidence of ownership.

Ethereum Blockchain Games  were often known by the incredible hype of the game called CryptoKitties, but now, many  Games are currently revolutionizing the entire gaming industry.

Which games are there?


One of already existing Ethereum Games is Blockchain Cuties, which is a new crypto game with adventures.  There you can collect Ether by playing with lizards, kitties, bear cubs, puppies and other creatures, real or fictitious. Each cutie you created is a unique one and stays your own. Therefore it has an even bigger potential than the game CryptoKitties, where the same creatures can be bred for various times. You get to breed different species, and then prove their abilities in fights. Furthermore, you are able to arm your creatures in order to level them up more easily. The Ethereum Blockchain economy allows you in-game trading of your cuties via smart contracts. Just like a regular crypto currency, each ERC-721 token cutie can be transferred or sold to other players. ERC-721 tokens are describing a parameter for a more rare kind of species, which got some more skills than others.

Various colors, designs, and genes have a bearing on each descendant cutie. That’s why you can even breed a high-born bloodline without any experience. Because of a variety of parameters and gene pools, each cutie has different characteristics such as breeding speed, animal level, available gear and much more. Some special mutations can enable unique characters that are inspired by real-world “pets-celebrities”. If you select your pairing the right way and have a little luck, you get the chance of breeding a uniquely looking cutie, a very rare creature.


Another one of potential Ethereum Game is the player-versus-player (PvP) game Fishbank.  Your task in this game is to grow species of fishes and use them for fighting and trading. You can trade them with the same Ether

eum Blockchain as used for CryptoKitties or BlockchainCuties, which is based on smart contracts of the community-driven economy and immutable gaming assets.

Every fish is stored on the Ethereum Blockchain and each is one of the ERC-721 tokens, which are 

able to be traded. The player owns 100% of the digital asset. That means the fishes can be managed like a regular crypto currency, you can sell them to other players or transfer them. Nobody can remove, replace or destroy your fishes.In order to start the game, you need at least one fish token. For this one, you have the possibility to buy it from another player on the online marketplace of these Ethereum Games or Blockchain Games. Otherwise, you could try to find and catch one by yourself. For a fixed fee in Ether, you are able to search for it in the decentralized deep blue ocean.


With the third presented game, called EtherStates, you can become a  Real Estate Mogul on the Ethereum Blockchain.
EtherEstates uses smart contracts to let you own estates from all over the world. You can buy the deed of any estate and instantly set the new purchase price. That’s how you can develop your collection of very expensive or big estates within this kind of Blockchain Games or Ethereum Games.

EtherEstates is the first game to introduce rent, a further huge potential for Ethereum Games or Blockchain Games. When one player buys an estate from another, a percent of the profit generated goes to taxes on the estate. This money is collected in a rental pool and paid to all owners who currently own another estate. Manually you can collect your rent anytime and anywhere you want.

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