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Crypto Games Contest

New monthly wagering contest with higher rewards, up to 3.26 BTC! has been active since 2011 and is therefore one of the experienced operators. The company has been operating for seven years now and provides a completely independent casino. This not only deals with the bitcoin, but also allows payments with other crypto currencies.

July 1, - July 31, 2018
up to 3.26 BTC

How to Win?

This months rewards are:

  • BitCoinCash – 5 prizes, up to 13.50 BCH total bonuses
  • BitCoin – 10 prizes, up to 3.26 BTC total bonuses + 828 lotto tickets
  • DogeCoin – 7 prizes, up to 765,000.00 DOGE total bonuses + 335 lotto tickets
  • Ethereum – 10 prizes, up to 13.30 ETH total bonuses + 828 lotto tickets
  • LiteCoin – 7 prizes, up to 37.50 LTC total bonuses + 790 lotto tickets
  • Monero – 5 prizes, up to 17.90 XMR total bonuses

10 direct rewards on BTC and ETH
7 direct rewards on LTC and DOGE
5 direct rewards on BCH.

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