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wowoonet Trading Competition

Wowoonet Trading Competition Top Traders share 80,000 WWB: The goal of Wowoo is to be at the leading position in the block chain of service content token platforms. Wowoo offers different easy-to-use services on the Wowoo platform and creates the Wowoo virtual community and a sustain ecosystem. The lubricant medium is the Wowoo token itself, and that is Wowbit (WWB), which this time will be the first Wowoo token.
WWB is to be output on the NEO block chain.


80,000 WWB


September 3, - September 10, 2018


wowoonet Trading Competition
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Crypto Trading Competition Details

Traders have the opportunity to share
80,000 WWB based on their Wowbit
trading volume during this period:

  • No. 1: 20,000 WWB
  • No. 2: 12,000 WWB
  • No. 3: 8,000 WWB
  • No. 4-10: 5,000 WWB per account
  • No. 11-20: 2,500 WWB per account
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Official website:
Explorer (NEP-5, NOT ERC20):
White paper: PDF

Coinmarketcap: Wowbit (WWB)

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Take part in wowoonet Trading Competition and win a share of 80,000 WWB with your live trade. The Wowbit  is a good way to gain experience in crypto-currency trading and to try out and improve your trading strategies.

Wowbit Price & Information.

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Where to Buy Wowbit
If you are interested in buying Wowbit, the only way to get WWB is to buy Wowbit on an exchange.

Wowoo sponsored CPAC as our belief to realize better society by spreading the blockchain technology for cybersecurity solution with LES. Please refer to the link below what CPAC is
#Wowoo #Exchange #WWB #WCC #WWX #blockchain #crypto

Currently WWB is listed on Bit-Z, Bit-M, CoinEx, Bitaladdin, BitForex and CROSS exchange!
#Wowoo #Exchange #WWB #WCC #WWX

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