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daily Savedroid trading contest

daily Savedroid trading contest: the award-winning German FinTech artificial intelligence (“AI”) saving technology, specializes in the democratization of crypto currencies: saverroid will create a unique AI-fuelled ecosystem from crypto savings and investments for the masses.


daily 288000 SVD


September 10, - September 20, 2018


daily Savedroid trading contest
5 (100%) 2 votes

Crypto Trading Competition Details

Would you like to win Savedroid just for trading? The top 10 traders will reward each day with a share of 288,000 SVD. The leading trader per day will win 80,000 SVD.

  • Traders are ranked by USER SCORE.
  • Definition of trading volume: Contains both buy and sell orders in all SVD pairs. The calculation unit is SVD.
  • Traders can participate in the Trading Contest every day. Each Trading Contest is reset every day at 00:00 UTC+0.
  • To redeem rewards, winners must have verified level 2.
Rank Count Reward
1 1 80000 SVD
2 1 60000 SVD
3 1 42000 SVD
4 1 28000 SVD
5 1 20000 SVD
6 1 16000 SVD
7 1 12000 SVD
8-10 1 10000 SVD /each
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Take part in cobinhood daily Savedroid trading contest and win a share of daily 288000 SVD with your live trade. The Savedroid cryptocurrency trading contest is a good way to gain experience in crypto-currency trading and to try out and improve your trading strategies.

Savedroid Price & Information.

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Where to Buy Savedroid
If you are interested in buying Savedroid, the only way to get SVD is to buy Savedroid on an exchange.

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