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MGD giveaway for trading

300,000 MGD giveaway for trading: MassGrid’s goal is to create the biggest distributed GPU high-performance cloud computing network in the world. MassGrid aims to transform senseless POW hash computing into general parallel computing, which could be used for practical purposes through the upgraded POW algorithm and the remodeled blockchain network architecture. The MGD is a PoW crypto currency built on the Jump Consistent Hash.


300,000 MGD


July 28, - August 4, 2018


MGD giveaway for trading

Crypto Trading Competition Details

1. TOP 5: Get 100,000 FREE MGD per account
2. TOP 6~10: Get 50,000 FREE MGD per account
3. TOP 11~20: Get 25,000 FREE MGD per account
4. Aside from TOP 20, CoinEx will give away 200,000 MGD
among all other MGD traders, in proportion to their MGD
trading volumes

5. Qualification: Users with MORE than 1000 USD worth
of MGD trading volume are qualified for the promotion.
The promotion is ONLY available for transactions
that activated “Use CET as fees” and used CET as actual
transaction fees.

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CoinMarketCap: MassGrid (MGD)

trader contest

Take part in MGD giveaway for trading and win a share of 300,000 MGD with your live trade. The MassGrid  is a good way to gain experience in crypto-currency trading and to try out and improve your trading strategies.

MassGrid Price & Information.

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Where to Buy MassGrid
If you are interested in buying MassGrid, the only way to get is to buy MassGrid on an exchange.

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