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Hashgard(GARD) Trading Competition

The top 100 traders share 100 million GARDs: Hashgard is a public block chain that builds a secured decentralized asset management protocol that was initiated by the Fenbushi Capital strategic director and managing partner of BKFUND, Charlie Xu, and co-founder of BKFUND, Tom Huang.


100 million GARD


July 15, - July 29, 2018


Hashgard(GARD) Trading Competition

Crypto Trading Competition Details

During this campaign, the top 100 traders share 100 million GARDs which are based on their GARD trading volume calculated according to the formula: (purchase amount + sales amount) x (time factor). The same account transactions are excluded. (time factor) falls linearly from 1.5 to 1.0 during the competition. To make the competition more fair, the trading volume is multiplied by(actual commission/VIP 10 commission)to eliminates the differences in commission.

The share ratio of GARD
(1)The first prize:20 million GARD
(2)The second prize:10 million GARD
(3)The third prize:5 million GARD
(4)The remaining 97 traders will share 65 million GARD based on their GARD trading volume.

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Take part in Hashgard(GARD) Trading Competition and win a share of 100 million GARD with your live trade. The Hashgard  is a good way to gain experience in crypto-currency trading and to try out and improve your trading strategies.

Hashgard Price & Information.

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Where to Buy Hashgard
If you are interested in buying Hashgard, the only way to get is to buy Hashgard on an exchange.

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