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Gate Slogan Competition 1000 TXZ

Gate Slogan Competition 1000 TXZ: For ongoing innovation and to further strengthen interaction with gate users, gate offers the “ Slogan Collection” to collect the most creative slogans from clever users!

July 22, - July 31, 2018
1000 TXZ

How to join?

Step 1: Sign up to website

Step 2:
(1). Follow twitter: and medium:
(2). Retweet the activity.
(3). Complete:

Step 3:
(1). Provide your unique idea of slogan (in English/Chinese).
Requirements: no more than 50 words; language should be simple and clear; slogan should fit brand positioning.
(2). In Phase#1, 20 slogans (10 in English, and 10 in Chinese) will be selected, and the participants will share 700 TXZ airdrop.
(3). The selected 20 slogans will come to Phase#2 public vote (English slogans and Chinese slogans will be voted separately), top 3 (6 in total) will share 300 TXZ airdrop.

Note: All entries in this activity will automatically agree to be used in any future promotions (including posters, websites, social media, etc.). When the slogans submitted, which are not selected this time, are used in the future, the participants will also receive a reward. Only KYC users can take part in the activity and receive a reward. has the last right to explain this activity.

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