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Buy Bitcoin without fees

August 11, 2018

Where to buy bitcoin cheap?

As a Wirex user you get more Cryptos than others who buy their coins at Coinbase or for example. On this platform you can buy Bitcoin, Litecoin and XRP immediately. All this without any hidden fees.

The cheapest way to buy Bitcoins is at Wirex. Since they don’t charge any fees or commissions. This is not the case with many other very well-known providers. These often charge high fees of 3% (blockchain) and 3.99% (coinbase). This makes the purchase of BTC much more expensive.

cheapest way to buy Bitcoins

Did you know that?
Wirex is one of the few companies with a Bitcoin or Crypto Debit Card. With this card you can pay anywhere on this planet. Bitcoin, Litecoin and XRP are the future.

Benefit from first-class features:

  • Best exchange rates, no hidden fees
  • Pay wherever Visa is accepted
  • Cryptoback™ earn with the rewards program, where you get 0.5% back in BTC on all purchases in the store

The new Crypto Debit Card Rewards Program

Now there is the new Cryptoback™ rewards program from Wirex. As more you pay with your Crypto Debit Card, you will get more back! With every purchase in the shop you get bitcoin back in the value of 0,5 %. The Cryptoback™ reward will immediately be credited to your Wirex app as a reward balance. You receive the credit in Bitcoin, which can be redeemed and deposited into the BTC Wallet at any time.

Visit Wirex


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